3 Advantages That You Get When You Run A Business

3 CumaBerita.com, Jakarta. There are so many people in the world set businessman as a dreamjob. Because, become a businessman will give you so many advantage. Here are 3 advantages that you will get when you start run a business right now.

Get to build something.
From one kid who loved Legos to another, you know how satisfying that is. Want to become a multi-national exporter? Or create a program that increases numeracy among children? Or turn people’s yards into truly beautiful spaces? When you own your own business, you get to shape and flesh out your dreams.

Change the world.
You certainly don’t have to think back very far historically to come up with the name of a business owner whose enterprise has changed the world. Mark Zuckerberg anyone? Bill Gates? And your business doesn’t have to become the next Facebook or Microsoft to be the agent of powerful change. Ten years ago, for instance, Torben Vestergaard Frandsen came up with the idea of the LifeStraw, a personal, low-cost water purification tool that is being used to provide safe drinking water to millions of people.

Make more money.
Some businesses make truckloads full of money. Some don’t. Most successful small businesses provide their owners with a living, not a fortune. But the point is, owning your own business opens up the possibility of making more than you could possibly make as an employee.

Working on the assembly line that produces cat clocks will bring you in a certain wage but what if, for example, there’s a huge surge in demand for cat clocks and the company’s profits soar astronomically? As an employee, you won’t share in any of those profits. Businesses generally have much more opportunity to make money than individuals do.

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